What is an e-bike and FAQ'S

What is an e-bike?

An e-bike is a bicycle that incorporates the help of an electric motor. This electric motor takes the energy of a battery that is recharged by tapping it into the mains.
According to the current regulations, we can consider electric bicycles those that do not exceed 25 km / h and that its engine does not exceed 250w. of power In addition, the electric motor will stop 
assisting when you stop pedaling.

Do you exercise with an e-bike?

Yes, of course. Everything will depend on the level of the assistance, since we can select different modes of help, including pedaling without assistance. Yes, it is true that if we do not want to tire or sweat (to go to work or buy, for example) we can put a high level of assistance and we will reach the destination very cool!

What is a high speed bike?

It is an electric bicycle with a higher speed limitation (50 km / h) and a powerful engine more than250w. This kind of bicycle is considered for legal purposes, a moped. However, it has to be registered, it must have the license to drive mopeds and the insurance. It's mandatory to wear a helmet.

Central motor or motor in the hub?

Until not enough, the majority of bicycles had the engine integrated into the hub, it could be both front and rear. Currently, this system is still used, since the motors in the hub are quite economical to produce, but the main manufacturers have opted for the central engine or the bottom bracket.

These motors are characterized by being much more efficient, since they have torque sensors, which makes the sensations when pedaling more similar to the conventional bicycle, as well as focusing the weight of the bicycle.

Why an e-bike?

The advantages of an e-bike are many. You do not need any kind of license to travel, many times, depending on which journeys, we will leave the car home and move on with the e-bike, which helps us to be more sustainable. Another of the advantages of an e-bike is that it will allow us to easily reach places where before, maybe we would not have dared to go, either by the difference in level or distance.

How many miles can I do with an e-bike?

It depends on many factors, the type of road or path, slope, mode of assistance, battery capacity, type of engine, etc ... Simply put, we could talk about a fork between 30 km. and more than 120 km. of autonomy.

Do the e-bikes have an extra maintenance?

No, it does not require a different maintenance cap on a conventional bicycle. Simply the cost of recharge the battery when is empty. The time of reload oscillate between two and four hours.

Which is the life of a battery?

Currently, the most commonly used batteries are ion-lithium. Lead batteries are increasingly used less and rarely on bicycles. The current batteries of the market, usually have a performance of 1,000 complete loads before beginning to lose their properties.

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